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MARK CHURCH, Chief Elections Officer & Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder

Press Advisory, October 7, 2015

Contact: Jim Irizarry | Phone: 650.363.4988 | E-mail: jirizarry@smcare.org




San Mateo County Kicking off

Historic All-Mailed Ballot November Election

First in State to Hold Consolidated Municipal, School and Special District Election by Mail


Mark Church, San Mateo County Chief Elections Officer

Kevin Mullin, California State Assemblyman and Speaker pro Tempore

Jerry Hill, California State Senator

Rich Gordon, California State Assemblyman

Dave Pine, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

Kathee Tyson, President, League of Women Voters, North and Central San Mateo County



Thursday, 11 AM, October 8, 2015



555 County Center, Rotunda, 1st Floor

Redwood City, CA 94063-1665



The San Mateo County Legislative Delegation will be joined by San Mateo County's Chief Elections Officer and the League of Women Voters to announce the kick off of the historic November 3rd All-Mailed Ballot Election in San Mateo County.


The upcoming November 3rd Consolidated Municipal, School and Special District Election is the first county-wide All-Mailed Ballot Election in the history of the State of California.


The historic election was made possible by Assembly Bill 2028, authored by Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, and signed into law by Governor Brown.  The law authorizes San Mateo County to conduct up to three elections in the All-Mailed Ballot Pilot Program.  The results of this pilot program will be reported to the legislature and Secretary of State and may impact the election process in the State of California.


Voting in the All-Mailed Ballot Election began this week with the Official Ballots placed in the mail and the opening of the early Voting Centers.


Potential benefits of an All-Mailed Ballot Election include increased voter turnout, increased efficiencies and cost savings.


Over 340,000 registered voters will be receiving their Official Ballots and postage prepaid return envelopes in the mail over the next few days.  Voters have the option of returning their voted ballots in the mail, dropping off the voted ballots at any one of 20 City Halls in the county through Election Day, voting early at one of two Voting Centers located in San Mateo and Redwood City, and voting at any one of 32 Universal Polling Places located throughout the county on Election Day.