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San Mateo County Elections


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1/21/13 - smdailyjournal.com

Candidates line up for fire board recall



12/17/12 - blogs.sacbee.com

California casts Electoral College votes for Barack Obama


12/07/12 - redwoodcity-woodside.patch.com

Mail-In Ballots, Online Registration Increase Local Voter Turnout Nov. 6


11/22/12 - smdailyjournal.com

County voter turnout hits 20-year high


11/06/12 - smdailyjournal.com

Thinking outside the ballot box


11/05/12 - www.mercurynews.com

Election 2012: More than 800,000 Bay Area residents have already voted


10/26/12 - smdailyjournal.com

Public invited to watch opening of ballots


10/08/12 - www.mercurynews.com

Election 2012: Five things you need to know


10/04/12 - sancarls.patch.com

Election Workers Needed in San Mateo County


10/04/12 - smdailyjournal.com

Sample ballots hit the mail


10/03/12 - southsanfrancisco.patch.com

More Than 200,000 Use Online Voter Registration in First 2 Weeks


09/26/12 - ibabuzz.com

110,000 register to vote online in first week


09/24/12 - paloalto.patch.com

Gordon Bill Modernizing Vote-by-Mail Ballot Drop-Off Signed by Governor


09/24/12 - blogs.sacbee.com

Jerry Brown signs bill allowing same-day voter registration


09/19/12 - redwoodcity.patch.com

'Everyone Wins' with New Online Voter Registration, San Mateo County Election Chief Says


09/19/12 - www.sfgate.org

California voters may now register online


08/28/12 - www.sacbee.com

Election-day voter registration passes Assembly, goes to Brown


08/23/12 - www.vcstar.com

For first time, Californians will be able to register to vote online


06/4/12 - www.kcet.org

Law Allows New Citizens To Register To Vote On Election Day


05/17/12 - www.kcet.org

Disabled Voters Asked to Assess Polling Place Accessibility


05/8/12 - hispanicbusiness.com

Ballots Are In the Mail for June 5 California Election


05/04/12 - millbrae.patch.com

Early Voting for Presidential Primary Begins Monday


04/19/12 - cbs47.tv

Getting Ready for the Open Primary


04/17/12 - redwoodcity.patch.com

Workers Needed to Fill Election Day Jobs in San Mateo County


04/09/12 - www.sfgate.com

New ballot to greet voters in state's June primary


02/27/12 - www.mercurynews.com

Ballot changes expected for June primary


02/27/12 - www.latimes.com

Vote by (slower) mail


02/21/12 - www.kcra.com

New System May Increase Voter Participation


02/16/12 - smdailyjournal.com

County to put 3 taxes on ballot


02/14/12 - blogs.venturacountystar.com

Change in top 2 primary law: Candidates must run as registered


02/08/12 - belmont-ca.patch.com

Thinking of Running for Office?


01/28/12 - sfgate.com

Court rejects bid to hold up new voting districts



12/15/11 - www.capitolweekly.net

California's 'Top Two' – myth and reality in 2012


11/10/11 - www.smdailyjournal.com

Voter turnout low in county


11/09/11 - www.sfexaminer.com

Mail-in ballots post huge gain in San Mateo County


10/28/11 - sanmateo.patch.com

First County Election Ballots Are Counted


10/13/11 - www.almanacnews.com

Public invited to watch vote-processing


10/18/11 - www.mercurynews.com

South Bay, Peninsula education issues: school bonds, parcel taxes and board races


10/14/11 - www.menlooak.com

County Polling Place Finds Campus Home


10/13/11 - www.asianjournal.com

More Asian American Voters to Receive Language Assistance in Elections


10/13/11 - www.mercurynews.com

Ballots across the Bay Area to reflect growing diversity


10/07/11 - www.lagonian.com

Young voters gravitate toward the center of Foster City


10/07/11 - www.mercurynews.com

California allows online voter registration


10/04/11 - www.mercurynews.com

Judge rejects San Mateo County's motion to dismiss discrimination lawsuit


10/03/11 - www.sfexaminer.com

Web registering may shake up voter rolls in California


09/14/11 - pacifica.patch.com

Supes Decide to Shuffle County District Lines Slightly


09/08/11 - www.asianjournal.com

Application period for overseas voting


08/25/11 - www.almanacnews.com

Council election in Woodside, not in Portola Valley


08/11/11 - www.hmbreview.com

Clock ticks on candidates for Coastside political offices


08/09/11 - www.contracostatimes.com

Yamada touts mail-only ballot bill signed by governor


08/08/11 - www.mercurynews.com

Brown endorses popular vote bill for California


08/02/11 - www.sacbee.com

California set to move its presidential primary back to June

07/30/11 - www.sfexaminer.com

Races empty in 40 percent of San Mateo County elections


07/29/11 - www.mercurynews.com

San Mateo County may ask state to let it run more all-mail elections


07/28/11 - www.nbcbayarea.com

Sex Offenders Can't Host Polling Places


07/27/11 - www.hmbreview.com

Vote-by-mail option in limbo. County to decide whether to continue funding


07/26/11 - www.mercurynews.com

Vote-by-mail service under threat in budget cuts


07/19/11 - www.sfgate.com

Budget cuts may end mail-in ballots, registration


07/18/11 - www.smdailyjournal.com

Ballot in November thick with measures


07/18/11 - www.sanmateo.patch.com

Council to Address Upcoming Election, Grand Jury Reports 


07/18/11 - www.woodsidetown.org

Candidate Seminars hosted by the San Mateo County Elections Department


07/18/11 - www.smdailyjournal.com

Many incumbents to seek re-election


07/15/11 - sancarlos.patch.com

November Election Nominations Open July 18 in San Carlos


07/15/11 - www.smdailyjournal.com

Popular vote bill clears hurdle


07/14/11 - www.belmont-ca.patch.com

Nomination Period for November Election Opens July 18


07/05/11 - www.smdailyjournal.com

County seeks redistricting public input


07/02/11 - www.redwoodcity.patch.com

Court: Citizens Can't Sign Initiative Petitions with Electronic Signatures


07/02/11 - www.sfappeal.com

Court In SF Rules Against Electronic Signatures For Ballot Initiatives


06/22/11 - www.hmbreview.com

County draws new lines, meager crowd


06/20/11 - www.mv-voice.com

New districts would shift power on Peninsula 


06/10/11 - www.halfmoonbay.patch.com

County Files Motion to Dismiss Case Alleging Voters' Rights Violations


06/14/11 - www.smdailyjournal.com

County wants election lawsuit tossed


06/14/11 - www.mercurynews.com

San Mateo County seeks dismissal of suit that says at-large voting system discriminates


06/13/11 - www.smdailyjournal.com

Moving south


06/11/11 - www.mercurynews.com

Release of new maps creates political 'tsunami'


06/10/11 - www.baycitizen.org

Redistricting's Winners and Losers


06/10/11 - www.latimes.com

How has your district been redrawn?


06/09/11 - www.smdailyjournal.com

Workshops held on new district boundaries


06/03/11 - www.almanacnews.com

Update: Menlo school district board to appoint new trustee


05/26/11 - www.halfmoonbay.patch.com

Pine Sworn in as County Supervisor


05/25/11 - www.smdailyjournal.com

Dave Pine joins the Board of Supervisors


05/16/11 - www.smdailyjournal.com

Election postmortems


05/14/11 - www.mercurynews.com

Election results show San Mateo County Supervisor-elect Dave Pine was beaten in District 1 by rival Gina Papan


05/14/11 - www.baycitizen.org

San Mateo County: Well-Run, or Racist?


05/10/11 - www.smdailyjournal.com

Papan, not Pine, received most District One votes


05/6/11 - www.smdailyjournal.com

Pine nails down victory


05/5/11 - www.mercurynews.com

Holober and Papan still have shot at San Mateo County supervisor seat that Pine is clinging to


05/4/11 - www.mercurynews.com

John Horgan: All-mail elections simplify things


05/4/11 - www.sfgate.com

Dave Pine voted San Mateo supe; school taxes pass


05/4/11 - www.smdailyjournal.com

School tax renewal passes


05/4/11 - www.mercurynews.com

Pine appears to have won tight race to become San Mateo County supervisor


05/3/11 - www.presstelegram.com

Online voter registration overdue


05/3/11 - www.menlopark.patch.com

Ravenswood Parcel Tax Poised to Pass


05/3/11 - www.almanacnews.com

Election Day: Ballots must arrive by 8 p.m. tonight


05/3/11 - www.nbcbayarea.com

It's Election Day


05/3/11 - www.menlopark.patch.com

Most Pacific Park Townhome Residents Vote Yes on Measure D


05/3/11 - www.halfmoonbay.patch.com

Voters to Decide on Parcel Tax Measures, County Supervisor Today


05/3/11 - www.belmont-ca.patch.com

ELECTION WATCH: Live Blog of County Supervisors Race and Measures A, B and C


05/2/11 - www.mercurynews.com

John Horgan: Some changes at local post offices


04/29/11 - www.smdailyjournal.com

Supervisor candidate cash spikes


04/28/11 - www.almanacnews.com

Ravenswood faces critical parcel tax decision


04/28/11 - www.mercurynews.com

Behind the scenes: Workers prep San Mateo County ballots before May 3 deadline


04/26/11 - sancarlos.patch.com

Measure A Ballots Due May 3


04/25/11 - halfmoonbay.patch.com

May 3 Election: Cast Your Ballot at Half Moon Bay Library Until Friday


04/25/11 - menlopark.patch.com

Photos: Banking for Dave Pine @ Cafe Zoe


04/25/11 - menlopark.patch.com

Ravenswood City School District Asks Voters to Approve Parcel Tax


04/25/11 - mercurynews.com

Arizona-style immigration initiative fizzles in California


04/23/11 - smdailyjournal.com

Let the counting begin


04/23/11 - mercurynews.com

The Insider: Making sense of high-speed rail


04/22/11 - mercurynews.com

Editorial: Nagel for San Mateo County supervisor


04/22/11 - mercurynews.com

San Mateo County supervisor candidates file final campaign finance statements


04/22/11 - smdailyjournal.com

Final war chest tallies in


04/21/11 - examiner.com

San Mateo County's bizarre Supervisor race


04/21/11 - mercurynews.com

Editorial: Vote for Dave Pine


04/20/11 - almanacnews.com

May 3 election: Public invited to observe


04/20/11 - mercurynews.com

Obama turns Facebook Live into a political stage


04/20/11 - smdailyjournal.com

Voter registration finished


04/18/11 - mercurynews.com

John Horgan: Fortunately, this isn't Chicago


04/15/11 - asianweek.com

Chinese Americans Support Gina Papan for San Mateo Supervisor


04/15/11 - mercurynews.com

San Mateo County supervisor candidates say let voters decide whether to have district elections


04/15/11 - smdailyjournal.com

County sued over elections


04/15/11 - beaumontenterprise.com

San Mateo County sued over at-large elections


04/15/11 - sfgate.com

Asians, Latinos sue over San Mateo County voting


04/11/11 - smdailyjournal.com

Supervisor hopefuls talk county land use


04/11/11 - smdailyjournal.com

Brown pushes for special election on tax extensions


04/11/11 - smdailyjournal.com

Supervisors mull redrawing district lines


04/10/11 - sfexaminer.com

San Mateo County supervisor election comes with a twist


03/25/11 - asianjournal.com/

Buenaventura appointed to Daly City Council seat


03/25/11 - mercurynews.com

Stogner takes his third shot for a San Mateo County supervisor seat


03/25/11 - blogs.sacbee.com

Jerry Brown declares budget talks dead


03/25/11 - burlingame.patch.com

Nagel Reaches $100,000 Mark in Supervisor Campaign


03/25/11 - smdailyjournal.com

Campaign war chests growing


03/24/11 - contracostatimes.com

San Mateo County supervisor candidates square off in forum


03/24/11 - mercurynews.com

Three candidates raise $100K-plus for San Mateo County supervisor seat


03/22/11 - milpitas.patch.com

Torlakson: School Survival Depends on Brown Budget


03/22/11 - sanmateo.patch.com

Firefighters Stand Behind Gina Papan in Supervisor Race


03/21/11 - mercurynews.com

Pacific Parc residents to vote on Menlo Park City School District switch


03/2111 - smdailyjournal.com

Supervisor hopefuls tackle transportation


03/20/11 - burlingame.patch.com

SAMCAR Sees One Choice


03/16/11 - almanacnews.com

Two forums ahead for county supervisor election


03/16/11 - mercurynews.com

John Horgan: Every mail-in vote will be magnified May 3


03/13/11 - mercurynews.com

San Mateo County school districts brace for teacher layoffs amid ongoing budget challenges


03/14/11 - smdailyjournal.com

The cost of doing county business


03/11/11 - smdailyjournal.com

$40M bond measure on June ballot


03/08/11 - mercurynews.com

San Bruno Park School District could go for $40 million bond, $96 tax in June


03/08/11 - mercurynews.com

Democrats hosting Supervisorial Candidate's Forum


03/08/11 - examiner.com

Upcoming Special Elections in San Mateo County


03/05/11 - betanews.com

Signatures by finger on touchscreen: still not carved in stone


03/05/11 - sfexaminer.com

After departure of Maggie Gomez remaining council looks to the future


03/05/11 - almanacnews.com

Filing period opens for write-ins for supes race


03/05/11 - menlopark.patch.com

Filing Period Opens for San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Write-in Candidates


02/27/11 - nctimes.com

FORUM: A first-class proposal: mail-ballot elections


02/21/11 - bakersfield.com

EDITORIAL: It's past time for online voter registration here


02/19/11 - smdailyjournal.com

There to teach: Domini Hoskins Black History Museum on display in Burlingame


02/19/11 - mercurynews.com

Tuesday is last day to register to vote on Brisbane parcel tax


02/18/11 - smdailyjournal.com

New in Foster City school may require $40 million bond


02/17/11 - examiner.com

SMC Sups candidates battle for endorsements


02/16/11 - blogs.kqed.org

Special Election Deadline? Who Knows?


02/16/11 - contracostatimes.com

Bill would let Californians register online to vote


02/16/11 - smdailyjournal.com

Poll shows support for school tax


02/15/11 - signonsandiego.com

Put a stamp on mail-only elections


02/13/11 - mercurynews.com

Schools craft budgets in the dark -- and prepare for deep cuts


02/10/11 - mercurynews.com

Black history celebrated at museum in Burlingame


02/08/11 - almanacnews.com

Six on ballot for county supervisor seat


02/08/11 - mercurynews.com

Ravenswood school district puts parcel tax on May 3 ballot; Redwood City district may hold for 2012


02/08/11 - mercurynews.com

San Mateo County college district weighs $300 million-$500 million bond measure


02/03/11 - mercurynews.com

Voters get first chance to compare San Mateo County supervisor candidates


02/02/11 - sfexaminer.com
Peninsula mail-in supervisor election a first for San Mateo County


02/02/11 - sfgate.com
June special election may be vote-by-mail only


02/02/11 - smdailyjournal.com

Foster City’s deficit up; tax put on ballot


02/02/11 - smdailyjournal.com

DA: Menlo Park councilwoman violated Brown Act


02/02/11 - smdailyjournal.com

First donations tallied for supervisor race


02/01/11 - pinepress.com

Menlo Park voters approved pension reform, but local unions may challenge in court


02/01/11 - mercurynews.com

Two San Mateo County supervisor candidates loan their campaigns at least $75,000


01/15/11 - mercurynews.com

Some Menlo Park council may have violated open meeting law a year before mayoral flap


01/12/11 - mercurynews.com

Carole Groom chosen as president of San Mateo County supervisors


01/07/11 - www.co.sanmateo.ca.us

San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Installation Ceremony


01/06/11 - almanacnews.com

Friday: Candidate seminar on running for county supervisor


01/03/11 - smdailyjournal.com

New county officials sworn in today


01/01/11 - smdailyjournal.com

What a decade


01/01/11 - smdailyjournal.com

New year means new laws




12/31/10 - sfexaminer.com

Daly City council member Gomez's future uncertain


12/29/10 - examiner.com

Warren Slocum aimed to break the mold


12/19/10 - burlingame.patch.com

Week in Review: Meetings and Rainy Weather


12/17/10 - mercurynews.com

THE PHANTOM: Talkin' big on the 'Tube


12/16/10 - examiner.com

Let the race begin... Date is set for SMC Supervisors Spring 2011 Election


12/14/10 - hmbreview.com

Board of Supes chooses all-mail election


12/14/10 - baycitizen.org

High Cost for San Mateo Special Election


12/13/10 - smdailyjournal.com

Special election for supervisor decision looms


12/09/10 - halfmoonbay.patch.com

McCamant and Pappalardo to Take School Board Oaths Tonight


12/08/10 - mercurynews.com

New Daly City mayor to lead city through budget challenges, centennial year


12/08/10 - menlopark.patch.com

Council Selects New Mayor


12/07/10 - halfmoonbay.patch.com

Final Certified Results of the Nov. 2, 2010 Election for Half Moon Bay


11/29/10 - sfexaminer.com

Decision 2010: A look at the candidates


11/27/10 - pressdemocrat.com

Former Sonoma County GOP chief pushes immigration initiative


11/18/10 - mercurynews.com

San Mateo County voters choose mail ballots over polling places


11/16/10 - The Congressional Record at gpo.gov


11/16/10 - baycitizen.com
Four Vie for San Mateo County Supe's Seat


11/15/10 - examiner.com
San Mateo County election roundup: analysis of November 2010 elections


11/13/10 - smdailyjournal.com

Voter turnout exceeding expectations


11/11/10 - mercurynews.com

Yee running for San Francisco mayor; speculation begins over his Peninsula Senate seat


11/11/10 - mercurynews.com

John Horgan: Satan apparently alive and well in San Bruno


11/10/10 - examiner.com
Los Angeles election results contribute to a mixed bag for California voting


11/08/10 - mercurynews.com

John Horgan: Back-and-forth school funding can be a pain


11/06/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Supervisor staying put — for now


11/05/10 - mercurynews.com
The Insider: At least Atherton and Hillsborough liked Meg


11/05/10 - almanacnews.com
Supervisor Mark Church to resign early, WHY?


11/05/10 - mercurynews.com
All parcel taxes for schools fail in Santa Clara County; bonds pass


11/04/10 - halfmoonbay.patch.com
New Chapter Opens as City Council Weighs Alternatives to Sales Tax Increase


11/04/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Voter turnout expected to grow


11/04/10 - sfgate.com
State park officials scramble after measure's loss


11/04/10 - ebar.com
Political Notebook: Statehouse LGBT caucus grows to seven members


11/03/10 - asianjournal.com
Bay Area Fil-Ams win posts in Nov. 2 elections


11/03/10 - mercurynews.com
John Horgan: Local taxpayers are a generous lot


11/03/10 - mercurynews.com
As nation glows red, San Mateo County stays as blue as ever


11/03/10 - mercurynews.com
Ballot shortages at East Palo Alto polling sites


11/03/10 - hmbreview.com
Semi-final results in from elections; little change


11/01/10 - smdailyjournal.com
County voter registration up


11/01/10 - halfmoonbay.patch.com
ELECTIONS: San Mateo County Voters Can Find Polling Place Through Smartphone Application


10/30/10 - almanacnews.com
Treasury candidates digging into own wallets


10/30/10 - almanacnews.com
Supervisor runoff: Horsley out-raises Vargas by wide margin


10/28/10 - mercurynews.com
Sequoia Healthcare District's survival may hinge on election


10/28/10 - marketwire.com
As Elections Heat Up CafePress Survey Reveals Tea Party Attracts a Mixed Brew


10/25/10 - online.ws.com
Many Votes, Many Headaches


10/25/10 - burlingame.patch.com
Burlingame in Favor of Proposition 22 A look at Proposition 22 and its benefits to Burlingame


10/25/10 - fostercity.patch.com
ELECTION WATCH: Foster City Officials Show Support for Prop 22


10/25/10 - burlingame.patch.com
Get to Know the Peninsula Health Care District: Part 2


10/24/10 - dailynews.com
Absentee voters' influence increases


10/24/10 - milbrae.patch.com
Mail-In Ballot Applications Due This Tuesday, Oct. 26 - Postmarks Do Not Count


10/23/10 - sancarlos.patch.com
Board of Supervisors Candidates Vargas and Horsley Speak to the San Carlos Rotary Club


10/21/10 - examiner.com
The Spring supervisors race has begun


10/21/10 - sanbruno.patch.com
Candidate Q&A: James Tucker, Harbor District Commission


10/21/10 - sfexaminer.com
Burlingame vice mayor intends to run in supe race


10/20/10 - mercurynews.com
Get to the know the candidates: San Mateo County Treasurer-Tax Collector


10/20/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Nagel makes supervisor bid official


10/18/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Local vehicle fee hike on ballot


10/18/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Half Moon Bay seeking sales tax boost


10/18/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Proposition 23 seeks to suspend emissions law


10/17/10 - sfwexaminer.com
Chasing the money trail all the way to the statehouse


10/16/10 - mercurynews.com
Assembly candidate Gordon contributed $2,500 to union that attacked opponent in primary


10/15/10 - almanacnews.com
Voter's Guide: Measure L for "Limit" on pension benefits


10/14/10 - almanacnews.com
Tonight: Candidates forum for supervisor, state Assembly


10/13/10 - sfwexaminer.com
Peninsula harbor board changing hands


10/13/10 - almanacnews.com
Nuances abound in supervisor runoff


10/13/10 - almanacnews.com
Runoff election for county treasurer


10/12/10 - paloaltoonline.com
Election meeting set Friday afternoon -- and online


10/08/10 - mercurynews.com
The Insider: Bogus election letter riles Daly City pol


10/07/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Candidates finalize contribution tallies


10/07/10 - sfwexaminer.com
Health care district in election crosshairs


10/07/10 - mercurynews.com
Mandelkern raises more money than Arnott in San Mateo County treasurer-tax collector race


10/04/10 - mercurynews.com
Vote-by-mail ballots headed to California voters


10/03/10 - inquirer.net
Supervisor bet for District 3 shows leadership


10/02/10 - smdailyjournal.com
South City schools looking for money


10/01/10 - mercurynews.com
Council hopefuls discuss budget, bullet train at forum


10/01/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Sequoia Healthcare District candidates speak on issues


09/30/10 - almanacnews.com
Supervisor runoff: Candidates differ on key issues


09/30/10 - sfwexaminer.com
Candidates line up for Board of Supervisors seat


09/29/10 - mercurynews.com
Hats off to all of those seeking public office


09/28/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Full field in health care district race


09/20/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Candidates for Harbor District float new ideas


09/17/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Supervisor hopefuls talk issues


09/16/10 - sfexaminer.com
County tests voting machines


09/07/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Treasurer race readies for run-off election


08/31/10 - almanacnews.com
Pension initiative stays on Menlo Park ballot


08/31/10 - coastsider.com
HMB leaders threaten to dissolve city if sales tax fails


08/31/10 - mercurynews.com
Judge allows Menlo Park pension reform effort to proceed


08/28/10 - mercurynews.com
The end of Half Moon Bay?


08/25/10 - californiachronicle.com
Hill's Bill to Allow Voters to Verify their Ballot Was Counted Sent to Governor


08/23/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Two attempt to oust Eshoo


08/21/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Speier facing two challengers for Congress


08/16/10 - mercurynews.com
San Mateo County students continue gains on state testing


08/13/10 - mercurynews.com
Judge to decide whether Menlo Park's pension reform ballot measure should be pulled


08/12/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Candidate pools for November election solidify


08/11/10 - almanacnews.com
Four vie for three Atherton council seats 


08/10/10 - almanacnews.com
Election races likely for local school boards
Deadline to file is 5 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 11


08/10/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Three vie for Assembly District 21 seat


08/09/10 - hmbreview.com
Candidates file for election


08/07/10 - sfgate.com
Mail service blamed for voter guide mishap


08/07/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Roster set for election


08/06/10 - mercurynews.com
State investigation fingers vendor for missing San Mateo County voter guides


08/03/10 - mercurynews.com
School measures lining up for November elections


08/03/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Treasurer-tax collector candidate takes over office


07/28/10 - mercurynews.com
San Mateo County supervisors vote 3-2 against seeking sales tax increase


07/28/10 - smdailyjournal.com
County kills sales tax idea


07/26/10 - peninsulaexaminer.com
San Mateo County sales tax a bitter pill


07/24/10 - almanacnews.com
School board candidates toss in hats


07/20/10 - insidehighered.com
Looking Locally for Financial Support


07/18/10 - almanacnews.com
Bill guaranteeing polling stations becomes law
'There Oughta Be a Law' contest winner was co-proposed by Palo Alto resident

07/13/10 - mercurynews.com/santacruzsentinel.com
San Mateo County supervisors decide to keep at-large elections in place


07/09/10 - almanacnews.com
Elections: Panel makes recommendations


07/09/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Voter turnout numbers better than projected


07/08/10 - sfexaminer.com
County elections office to hold candidate seminar


07/08/10 - sfexaminer.com
San Mateo County Supervisor Church to begin new job in January


07/06/10 - almanacnews.com
Supervisor Church to step down in January


07/06/10 - mercurynews.com

San Mateo County supervisor to stay on board until 2011


07/06/10 - ktvu.com
Supervisor Will Step Down Next Jan. For New Post


07/06/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Supervisor will not resign


07/06/10 - smdailyjournal.com
San Mateo County tax — a hard sell


06/29/10 - mercurynews.com

San Mateo County supervisor may announce this week if he's leaving seat early


06/28/10 - examiner.com
Board considers election reform in San Mateo County


06/27/10 - pelicaneye.com
Charter Review Committee Report: June 29 10:00am


06/26/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Voters could face county charter review decisions


06/23/10 - coastsider.com
Proportional representation would make the Board of Supervisors more representative


06/18/10 - mercurynews.com

The Insider: Tea party fizzles on Election Day


06/17/10 - mercurynews.com

San Mateo County schools chief to take post early


06/17/10 - mercurynews.com

San Mateo County may ask voters to approve a new tax to plug budget deficit


06/15/10 - peninsulaexaminer.com

San Mateo County supervisors' election dilemma


06/15/10 - mercurynews.com

Would-be candidates waiting in the wings for a possible run at San Mateo County supervisor seat


06/14/10 - almanacnews.com

Community college tax squeaks by


06/13/10 - sfexaminer.com
Candidates offer differing voices


06/12/10 - sfgate.com


06/11/10 - web.me.com/davstrom
Dave Strom's June 2010 Endorsements


06/10/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Voter turnout low but rise expected


06/09/10 - almanacnews.com

Run-off election to decide next county treasurer


06/09/10 - almanacnews.com

Uncounted ballots will determine parcel tax result in San Mateo County Community College District


06/09/10 - mercurynews.com

San Mateo County coroner heading to easy victory for third term


06/09/10 - mercurynews.com

San Mateo County election roundup


06/09/10 - almanacnews.com

Don Horsley, April Vargas in November runoff for county supervisor seat


06/08/10 - sfappeal.com
Bay Area Voters Cast Their Ballots


06/07/10 - kcbs.com
Some in San Mateo County Still Haven't Received Voter Guide


06/05/10 - sfgate.com
Voter guides missing in San Mateo County


06/04/10 - hmbreview.com
Elections Office issues statement about replacement ballots


06/04/10 - mercurynews.com

Some Peninsula residents still checking their mail for missing voter information guide


06/03/10 - mercurynews.com

Election countdown: Mail those ballots


06/03/10 - caivn.org



06/03/10 - hmbreview.com

Midcoast residents lack election ballots


06/02/10 - mercurynews.com

Contested campaign for San Mateo County supervisor seat winds down


05/31/10 - almanacnews.com

Big decisions on June 8 ballot


05/31/10 - californiachronicle.com

Election Day Voter Registration Bill Approved by Committee


05/31/10 - examiner.com

An Interview With San Mateo County Supervisorial Candidates - What Does It Mean To Be Green?


05/29/10 - smdailyjournal.com

Final war chest counts in before election


05/28/10 - mercurynews.com

Becker and Gordon each amass $192,000 in three months for Assembly race


05/28/10 - cbs5.com

San Mateo Voters To Decide 3 Issues On June Ballot


05/28/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Coroner candidates detail donations


05/27/10 - kcbs.com
Poll Workers Needed in the South Bay


05/27/10 - mercurynews.com
Gordon took unorthodox route to become traditional contender in Assembly race


05/20/10 - capitolweekly.net
Legislative race preview: The primary contests to watch on Election Day


05/15/10 - mercurynews.com

Candidates weigh in on sheriff's scandal


05/14/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Incumbent talks re-election issues


05/13/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Groom preps for election


05/13/10 - sfgate.com
Voting record at issue in GOP gov primary TV ad


05/05/10 - mercurynews.com

Software glitch delays results of parcel tax election


05/05/10 - mercurynews.com
Palo Alto, Menlo Park school parcel taxes pass by wide margin


05/05/10 - foxreno.com
Bay Area Residents Vote Mostly In Favor Of School Tax Measures


05/05/10 - almanacnews.com
Both parcel tax measures pass easily


04/29/10 - hmbreview.com
Candidate differences on display at forum


04/27/10 - almanacnews.com
School parcel tax ballots due next Tuesday


04/27/10 - contracostatimes.com

Write-in candidate files in San Mateo County assessor race


04/22/10 - mercurynews.com
Let voters decide on election system, committee says


04/22/10 - smdailyjournal.com
District election idea moves forward


04/21/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Grand jury: Consolidate financial jobs


04/15/10 -sfexaminer.com
Slocum: June special absentee ballots available


04/08/10 -almanacnews.com
Voting starts for parcel tax election in Menlo Park, Portola Valley school districts


04/08/10 -smdailyjournal.com
Committee hears divergent views on elections process


04/08/10 -sfexaminer.com
San Mateo County’s election process challenged


04/08/10 - mercurynews.com
Judge rules e-signature not valid under elections code


04/07/10 - mercurynews.com
Seven South Bay and Peninsula school districts hold mail-only tax elections


04/02/10 - examiner.com
People of color file suit over selection of San Mateo County Board of Supervisors


04/02/10 - examiner.com

San Mateo County supervisors' elections may be in the crosshairs


04/02/10 - sacbee.com
Electronic petition signature-gathering off to a shaky start


04/01/10 - sfexaminer.com
Decision 2010: A look at the candidates


04/01/10 - mercurynews.com
Menlo Park school district parcel tax campaign picking up


04/01/10 - mercurynews.com
Ruskin on track for next political milestone


03/29/10 - sfist.com
Potheads to Descend En Masse on Cow Palace


03/29/10 - examiner.com
Challenger for coroner’s office invites incumbent to debate


03/27/10 - mercurynews.com
San Mateo County Treasurer candidates are their own largest donors


03/23/10 - paloaltoonline.com
Assembly: Becker zooms ahead in cash raised. Menlo Park venture capitalist widens lead over Kishimoto, Gordon in Assembly race


03/18/10 - mercurynews.com
Judge says electronic signatures don't count for balloting


03/17/10 - tmcnet.com
Lawsuit seeks to have electronic signatures considered valid on petitions


03/15/10 - examiner.com
Resignation or special election with San Mateo Sup?


03/15/10 - almanacnews.com
Elections: Filing period extended for some races


03/13/10 - mercurynews.com
Sheriff Greg Munks will run unopposed despite bordello scandal


03/13/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Incumbents, challengers file to run for June election


03/11/10 - foxandhoundsdaily.com
Your Signature Is Already Electronic, and Other Notes from the San Mateo Case


03/11/10 - sfexaminer.com
Renewal of SMFC parcel tax certified


03/10/10 - mercurynews.com
College board puts parcel tax on ballot


03/08/10 - mercurynews.com
Fisher: Many hats, many contributions


03/07/10 - mercurynews.com
Green Party in California trying to stem shrinking numbers


03/05/10 - montarafog.com
County "constitutional convention" to meet in HMB Thursday, March 10, 5:30 pm, at Cunha


03/04/10 - smdailyjournal.com

Layoff vote set despite tax passage


03/03/10 - smdailyjournal.com

School tax renewal passes


03/02/10 - mercurynews.com
Burlingame schools parcel tax leading


02/25/10 - almanacnews.com
School parcel tax rebuttal arguments due March 4


02/25/10 - mercurynews.com
San Mateo County lawsuit defends electronic signatures


02/25/10 - mercurynews.com
Democrats show different styles in Assembly debate


02/25/10 - sfexaminer.com
Public invited to view counting for Burlingame district vote


02/25/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Updated tally shows school tax wins


02/24/10 - contracostatimes.com
San Mateo-Foster City schools parcel tax hangs in balance


02/24/10 - montarafog.com
Study group to plan response to county election law review, public invited, Thursday, February 25th, at 7pm in El Granada


02/21/10 - http://warrenslocum.blogspot.com
CitySourced Lets People Complain to City Hall Using Smart Phones


02/17/10 - nytimes.com
Sampler: Vallejo Seeks Policing Help, and an Oakland Student Leader Wants Tougher Courses


02/17/10 - mercurynews.com
Battle lines form over electronic signatures to qualify ballot initiatives


02/17/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Electronic pot petition extinguished


02/16/10 - sfweekly.com
Will 'Electronic Signatures' Push Pot Legalization Bill onto Ballot?


02/14/10 - latimes.com
Taking the ink out of signatures. Electronic signature-gathering could reshape politics in California and beyond


02/14/10 - mercurynews.com
Internal Affairs: Don't believe everything you read on Republican race for governor


02/12/10 - mercurynews.com
John Horgan: Slocum has served San Mateo County well


02/12/10 - mercurynews.com
Supervisor Mark Church to run for San Mateo County assessor-clerk-recorder


02/11/10 - peninsulaexaminer.com
San Mateo County Assessor-Clerk-Recorder Slocum Announces Retirement


02/11/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Elections officer not seeking re-election


02/11/10 - examiner.com
Explosion in San Mateo County treasurer's race


02/11/10 - mercurynews.com
Longtime San Mateo County assessor will not seek re-election


02/11/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Colleges likely to seek parcel tax


02/11/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Supervisor seeking top elections/assessor spot


02/10/10 - insidebayarea.com
Slocum, longtime elections chief, will step down


02/09/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Two more enter treasurer race


02/08/10 - mercurynews.com
Contest for low-profile San Mateo County treasurer seat already draws at least three candidates


01/29/10 - capradio.org
Movement to Gather Voter Signatures on iPhones Gains Steam


01/29/10 - kcbs.com
Push for Same Day Voter Registration in California


01/28/10 - mercurynews.com
County supervisors consider putting some kind of tax measure on the ballot


01/26/10 - almanacnews.com
Wednesday: County charter review panel meets on changing how supervisors are elected


01/26/10 - mercurynews.com
Candidate seminars offered


01/26/10 - insidebayarea.com
Yee proposes law to let voters register on election day


01/25/10 - smdailyjournal.com
County mulls new taxes


01/20/10 - insidebayarea.com
San Mateo County supervisor candidate to forgo salary if elected


01/18/10 - mercurynews.com
Three Democrats emerge in state Assembly battle on Peninsula


01/12/10 - coastsider.com
County Charter Review Committee to meet Wed, Jan 13 at 6pm


01/12/10 - mercurynews.com
Gordon chosen as new president of Board of Supervisors


01/07/10 - sfexaminer.com
2010 Elections first round: February 23 - Measure A, parcel tax for schools


01/07/10 - sfexaminer.com
San Mateo County supe hopefuls throw hats in the ring


01/05/10 - siliconvalley.com
Silicon Valley firm launches new smartphone app to gather initiative signatures


01/04/10 - smdailyjournal.com
Lower tax threshold sought out




12/27/09 - insidebayarea.com
Stacking the Deck Against Reform in San Mateo County


12/02/09 - insidebayarea.com
San Bruno will appoint new City Council member


11/30/09 - coastsider.com
Recount called off in GSD election


11/23/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Voters asked to renew parcel tax for schools


11/20/09 - mercurynews.com
San Mateo County sheriff running for re-election despite brothel scandal


11/19/09 - almanacnews.com
PV superintendent to run for county post


11/17/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Officials weigh new school tax


11/16/09 - smdailyjournal.com
County officials begin manual election tally


11/12/09 - coastsider.com
Leonard Woren wins GSD seat by 10 votes


11/12/09 - hmbreview.com
Woren re-elected to GSD board


11/10/09 - nctimes.com
Term limits may be near for county supervisors


11/09/09 - hmbreview.com
Woren regains lead in GSD election


11/09/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Charter review in works


11/07/09 - coastsider.com
What Happened to Charlie Hall for Granada Sanitary District?


11/05/09 - insidebayarea.com
O'Mahony reacts to first Burlingame council defeat in 20 years


11/05/09 - hmbreview.com
McCaffrey pulls ahead of Woren in GSD count


11/05/09 - abclocal.go.com
Bay Area election results roundup


11/04/09 - hmbreview.com
No tally yet for outstanding votes


11/04/09 - cbs5.com
26 Percent Voter Turnout In San Mateo County


11/04/09 - mercurynews.com
Some Peninsula elections could still swing as low turnout tightens races


11/04/09 - sfgate.com
Most tax measures being approved


11/03/09 - mercurynews.com
Lots of new faces can be voted into local offices today


11/03/09 - sfgate.com
What you need to know about voting today


11/02/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Cities seek taxes


10/31/09 - insidebayarea.com
Slow day expected at San Mateo County polls Tuesday


10/30/09 - insidebayarea.com
Editorial endorsement: Recapping Times election recommendations


10/29/09 - examiner.com
Campaign websites: believe them or not


10/29/09 - nytimes.com
Trust, Antitrust and Your Vote


10/28/09 - insidebayarea.com
2 incumbents face 2 challengers in Redwood City school board race


10/27/09 - almanacnews.com
How much the high school district candidates have raised


10/27/09 - almanacnews.com
Voters have choice of change or continuity in Sequoia high school district election


10/27/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Measure money in question


10/27/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Mayor leads in council money race


10/25/09 - insidebayarea.com
San Mateo Union board candidates focus on finances, curriculum


10/24/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Deadline Tuesday to request vote by mail ballots


10/23/09 - mercurynews.com
We endorse Ianson, Harris and Nachtsheim for Menlo Park Fire Protection District Board


10/23/09 - mercurynews.com
Campaign for San Carlos sales tax hike get three times as much money as foes


10/23/09 - insidebayarea.com
San Mateo County candidates update finances


10/21/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Candidates rack up campaign cash


10/22/09 - sfexaminer.com
Future of our schools: San Mateo County school board races


10/21/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Enrollment top issue for candidates


10/20/09 - almanacnews.com
Charter schools big issue in school board race


10/20/09 - mercurynews.com
The Daily News endorses Ira, Gee and Wright for Redwood City Council


10/14/09 - insidebayarea.com
San Mateo-Foster City candidates focus on school site, budget


10/13/09 - insidebayarea.com
In Burlingame council election, one challenger takes on three incumbents


10/10/09 - insidebayarea.com
San Mateo City Council race heats up, candidates talk key issues


10/09/09 - smdailyjournal.com
School district candidates talk revenue and communication


10/08/09 - insidebayarea.com
Belmont council candidates divided on downtown, recreation issues


10/05/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Schools consider new tax


10/04/09 - insidebayarea.com
Foster City voters asked to extended City Council term limits


09/30/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Burlingame candidates talk taxes and economics


09/29/09 - almanacnews.com
Election write-in filing period is open


09/25/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Candidates sound off on San Mateo


09/23/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Candidates discuss the future of Half Moon Bay


09/17/09 - insidebayarea.com
And they're off! San Mateo council race launches with first debate


09/17/09 - mercurynewsl.com
East Palo Alto rent law won't appear on November ballots


09/07/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Officials split over city clerk measure


09/03/09 - PaloAltoOnline.com
'Fair elections' backers rally in Palo Alto


08/20/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Two seats up for grab in Foster City


08/19/09 - fresnobee.com
East Palo Alto sued over rent control ordinance


08/17/09 - examiner.com
Foul Politics taint Broadmoor


08/17/09 - mercurynews.com
Home Page - Data seminar offered for candidates, campaigns


08/17/09 - mercurynews.com
East Palo Alto, county sued over new rent control law


08/13/09 - sfexaminer.com
Who will lead the way after Peninsula elections?


08/12/09 - InsideBayArea.com
More candidates emerge for election races in San Mateo County


08/08/09 - insidebayarea.com
Candidates line up for San Mateo County election races


08/07/09 - almanacnews.com
Filing deadline extended in numerous races


08/05/09 - examiner.com
Changing Asian Profile of San Mateo's Candidates


07/28/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Election Journal 


07/08/09 - sfexaminer.com
Potential candidates can learn the ropes in seminar  


07/06/09 - almanac.com
Want to run for local office? Candidates' seminar set for Wednesday in San Mateo  


06/14/09 - examiner.com
Time has come for District elections in San Mateo County


06/14/09 - InsideBayArea.com
Burlingame ponders tax hike on hotel stays


06/13/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Bill to ease tax passage


06/04/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Parcel tax falls short


06/03/09 - The Daily News
Measure E fails to get two-thirds voter approval


06/03/09 - NBCBayArea.com
Get Your Election Results Right Here


06/03/09 - almanacnews.com
Parcel tax for Redwood City schools fails


06/03/09 - SFGate.com
Split verdict for measures to support schools


06/02/09 - ktvu.com
Voters To Decide School Funding Measures In Tuesday's Special Election


06/02/09 - SFGate.com
School districts ask voters to OK parcel taxes


06/01/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Schools measure before voters Tuesday


05/26/09 - InsideBayArea.com
Will state pay the estimated $70 special election tag it promised counties?


05/26/09 - SFGate.com
Counties fear state won't pick up election tab


05/20/09 - CBS5.com


05/19/09 - CBS5.com
California Voters Uninspired By Special Election


05/09/09 - SFexaminer
Measure would hike Pacifica's sales tax to one of highest in the state


05/06/09 - SFGate.com
School-tax gamble pays off for 5 districts


05/06/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Voters approve six-year $78 annual parcel tax


05/06/09 - Examiner
Special elections happening in San Mateo County


05/06/09 - mercurynews.com
Peninsula schools live by parcel taxes


05/05/09 - SF examiner
Parcel-tax measures receive mixed votes


05/04/09 - mercurynews.com
San Carlos parcel tax voter deadline is 8 tonight


05/01/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Ballot deadlines loom


05/01/09 - SFGate.com
Bay Area school districts go to ballot box


04/30/09 - insidebayarea.com
Voters to decide on school parcel taxes by mail


04/27/09 - SFGate.com
Bay Area is last in line for special election voter pamphlets


04/22/09 - Almanac News
Ballot count starts for Woodside School election


04/22/09 - press-telegram.com
Thomas Elias: Bowen tries to ensure that all ballots are counted


04/18/09 - sfexaminer.com
San Mateo County readies for parcel-tax vote


04/16/09 - insidebayarea.com
Legality of Daly City city clerk pay cut questioned


04/13/09 - smdailyjournal.com
County cost for election may be $2M


04/10/09 - cbs5.com


04/07/09 - examiner.com
Raising taxes through the ballot box


04/06/09 - The Political Reform Blog
A Good Week for Political Reform


04/03/09 - The Almanac
Woodside School ballots to be mailed Monday. Voters in all-mail election must return ballots by May 5


03/05/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Schools put new $91 tax on ballot


02/26/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Supervisors optimistic about state convention


02/09/09 - InsideBayArea.com
Three Peninsula school districts move for parcel taxes on May ballot


01/23/09 - InsideBayArea.com
The Insider: Dispatch from the "Purple Tunnel of Doom"


01/21/09 - CBS5.com
Bay Area Celebrations Mark Obama Inauguration


01/20/09 - CBS5.com


01/19/09 - smdailyjournal.com
Locals arrive in D.C. for inauguration


01/17/09 - abclocal.go.com
Slocum to blog about Inauguration Day


01/17/09 - The Almanac

Chief elections officer to 'tweet' from inaugural