Election Results - November 4, 2008

Presidential General Election


This reporting feature allows you to track the contests that you want to watch throughout the evening. Using an easy drop-down menu, find detailed results for a specifc contest. See how many precincts have reported in and how many voters are eligible to vote on the contest. Results can be broken down by precinct and by how votes for the race were cast (Vote by Mail, early voting or Election Day). Your searches are saved, allowing you to easily return to the races that interest you.


Web-Based Report
An HTML report, issued on the results schedule, that includes a cumulative breakdown of results for all races. It is best viewed with the latest version of Internet Explorer. If you are watching a specific race, click on that contest (from the sidebar) and your browser will go to that section of the report.


PDF PDF Report
A PDF report issued according to the results schedule that includes a cumulative breakdown of results for all races. View onscreen or print it on paper.

PDF Precinct Report
This report provides a precinct-by-precinct summary of vote totals; it is only available after the final semi-official results have been completed on election night.


PDF Statement of the Vote
This report will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of votes by districts, by precincts, and by contests.