Election Results - November 6, 2007

Consolidated Municipal, School and Special District Election


PDF PDF Report
This report is a cumulative breakdown of the results for all races.  It's generated on election night at scheduled release times until the count is complete. This document is in a PDF format, three pages in length, and easy to print and review in paper form.

Web Based Report
This HTML report is issued on the same schedule as the PDF report, includes the cumulative breakdown of all results for all races and is best viewed with the current version of Internet Explorer. If you are interested in a specific race, you can click on that contest and your browser will be directed to that section of the report.


PDF Vote Thresholds for Passing Ballot Measures
Not sure if a measure requires a simple majority (50% +1), a super majority (55%) or a 2/3rd majority (66.67%) to win? You can check here to find out what is needed for the passage of all measures on this ballot.

PDF Precinct Report
This report provides a precinct by precinct summary of vote totals.
It will be available once the final unofficial results have been completed on Election night.


PDF Statement of the Vote
This report will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of votes by districts, by precincts, and by contests.